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Responding to rapidly changing, complex business requirements

  • Increased expectations by customers for faster delivery of new and volume products.

  • Rapid and frequent factory plan changes driven by changing business needs.

  • Ability to load the factory within manageable range under changeable market demand, e.g., predicting planning and scheduling in real-time.

  • Enhanced visibility for quality assurance of high reliability products; tie-in of supply chain and customer to Factory Information and Control Systems (FICS) operations.

  • Addressing Big Data issues, creating opportunity to uncover patterns and situations that help prevent or predict unforeseeable problems, e.g., equipment processing/health tracking and analytical tools.

  • Strengthen information security―maintaining data confidentiality (restriction of access to data and services to specific machines/human users) and integrity (accuracy/completeness of data and correct operation of services), while improving availability (a means of measuring a system’s ability to perform a function in a particular time) contradictive to needs of data availability.

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